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Private lessons are the most effective way to learn yoga. One on one a student can much more quickly learn proper techniques about alignment, breathing, and movement, which can be essential for laying a strong foundation for a safe and transformative yoga asana practice. I also offer lessons in both pranayama and meditation.   Please contact me via Line, WhatsApp or by Email to schedule an appointment.

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A K12 teacher for 5 years and a graduate of the Stanford Teacher Education Program, Adrian is an advocate for yoga and mindfulness in schools. Developing Emotional Intelligence is particularly critical during the developmental time period of adolescence, which is precisely why contemplative practices such as yoga and mindfulness can so deeply enrich the lives of students.

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Everything is Shiva

Everything is Shiva Shiva as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance, a central piece of iconography in Nondual Shaiva Tantra. Source: Shiva Nataraja “Whatever you’re feeling or thinking. Whatever you notice. Whatever state of mind you’re in, is pervaded by Divine Consciousness. By Shiva. Wherever your mind goes, whether to the inside or to the outside: … Continue reading Everything is Shiva

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